University of Verona - PhD course in Biotechnology

Summer School

Valorization of by-products from agri-food supply chains for the development of functional ingredients, foods and nutraceuticals

San Floriano, Verona, June 24th – 26th 2019

The growing interest for the establishment of a circular economy model to reduce the production of wastes forces to investigate novel approaches and technologies for the valorization of the by-products inevitably produced along with the supply chains.

Agriculture and food processing industries produce a multitude of by-products still containing different valuable substances. These by-products are in the form of liquid, pomace, or powder and can be obtained by processing fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, seafoods, milk and dairy products, cereals, nuts, fats, and oils. Biotransformation and green extraction technologies and approaches are being more and more investigated to recover added-value substances, such as proteins and amino acids, polysaccharides, polyphenols, carotenoids, dietary fiber etc. These mostly represent nutraceuticals and functional ingredients that can be exploited for the design of innovative functional foods.

The summer school will deal with the most up-to-date notions in the field of food by-products valorization applied to the development of functional ingredients, foods and nutraceuticals. In the contest of Villa Lebrecht, in San Floriano (Verona nearby), the students will attend talks given by experts in this field focusing on different aspects of the topics. A poster session and flash presentations of the contributions of the participants will represent important parts of the School. Social events will be also considered to give the participants the opportunity for networking.