Programme Overview


Organizing Committee

Gianni Zoccatelli, Giovanna Felis, Giancarlo Cravotto, Federica Mainente;

Invited Speakers

Alberto Angioni (University of Cagliari)

Gianluca Bleve (CNR, ISPA Lecce)

Giancarlo Cravotto (University of Turin)

Isabel Ferreira (University of Porto, Portugal)

Nadia Mulinacci (University of Florence)

Daniele Pisanello (Lex Alimentaria)

Denis Poncelet (EncapProcess SAS, France)

Silvia Tabasso (University of Turin)

Tullia Tedeschi (University of Parma)

An overview of the week's programme - June 2019

Monday 24th

9:00 Registration

10:00 Gianni Zoccatelli (University of Verona): Presentation of the School;

10:30 Giancarlo Cravotto (University of Turin): Enabling technologies for process intensification in green extraction;

11:45 Nadia Mulinacci (University of Florence): Processes applied to valorize products and by-products from Olea europea L.: analytical aspects and biological results;

12:45 Lunch;

14:00 Tullia Tedeschi (University of Parma): Valorization of the agroindustrial food by products through the extraction of protein fractions;

15:00 Silvia Tabasso (University of Turin): Green technologies for the valorization of citrus waste: a biorefinery approach;

16:00 Coffee Break;

16:20 Giancarlo Cravotto (University of Turin): New advances in green industrial extraction;

17:20 Poster Session;

20:30 Dinner at Ristorante "Valpolicella";

Tuesday 25th

8:45 Gianluca Bleve (CNR, Lecce): Microbial fermentation: an ancient science to service more sustainable food chains;

9:45 Isabel Ferreira (University of Porto, Portugal): Valorisation of brewing and canned fish by-products to obtain alternative proteins with bioactive properties;

11:15 Coffee Break;

11:45 Alberto Angioni (University of Cagliari): Chemical contamination of food by-products: an underestimated problem;

12:45 Lunch;

14:00 Denis Poncelet (EncapProcess, France): Microencapsulation: applications and methods, focus on food and feed applications;

16:00 Gianni Zoccatelli (University of Verona): Effect of microencapsulation on the chemical characteristics and the biological activity of polyphenols and carotenoids;

19:30 Walk sightseeing in Verona city centre and Dinner at Ristorante "Al Calmiere";

Wednesday 26th

8:30 Abstract Flash Presentations;

10:30 Coffee Break;

11:00 Daniele Pisanello (Lex Alimentaria): Market Access and Valorisation of new edible product: EU regulatory framework on Novel Foods and Health Claims;

12:30 Gianni Zoccatelli (University of Verona): Summing up and farewell;

12:45 Lunch